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Charity Programs

Bringing shining spirit, building thousands faths

Besides enthusiasm, engrossed in consultancy work, business, providing import lumbers, staff at Phuong Nam trading import and export lumber company have warm and kind heart to the community, share with unlucky people. Therefore, during the development of the company- charitable activities, – volunteering has kept pace with us.

Imbued with the views of Ms. Bui Thi Phuong Tuyen- youth  and knowledgeable female director at Phuong Nam trading import and export lumber company  with the thought “do not wait until we are rich to do charity. The share and empathy of each members in the company are  the biggest asset for us to help others, “the over the past few years, Phuong Nam trading import and export lumber company, ” depend on our strengths” express warm and kind heart by helping the poor and unlucky people in promote areas we’ve ever visit.

There are many volunteering and charity works that the memebers at Phuong Nam trading import and export lumber company have ever done since the company established.

Recently, before returning home to enjoy  relaxed and meaningful hollidays on Tet holidays,all members of the company homemade sticky rice cakes together overnight, waited for cake done- cooked , then, we  went around big and small roads  in HCM city to give the cake to motorcycle and taxi drivers,homeless people, underprivileged people… in addition, May 5,2016, Ms Bui Thi Phuong Tuyen-directors and all members of the company are awarded certificates of merit from Phuoc Dan town People’s Committee and thanked  for giving value and meaningful gifts to students of primary schools in Vinh Thuan Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc Ninh Thuan- which can bring encouragements, exhortation learning, the dedication of the teachers at the school. In addition, the company attend in building bridge projects to help people travel easily, give gifts, help her children with difficult circumstances in Dalat.

With the belief of “do good things, get good results”, strategies and orientations of the company in the upcoming time always contribute activities for the community. We realize that giving things to the society also brings happiness tremendous. The feeling of contributions which are not so giant but can bring belief, bringing hopes to  peoples’ lives, and motivation is also very meaningful to every member of the company.

Therefore, despite many difficulties and the great competition, we will continue to do volunteer works with warm and kind heart, tightly holding hands and helping others in our ability, with the desire of making a beautiful world and making people closer together.