Tuyen is always questioned: “Is Lumbers beautiful?”- ,”lumbers are as beautiful as sellers!”-Replies in a friendly way

Ms Tuyen
Ms Tuyen

In business,the market is always a challenge, especially for women. With the specific sector like the timber industry which brings the multiple challenges.

Starting to the lumber industry over the years, after spending more than 09 different jobs, from accounting services, flowers, chemicals … to lumbers. And the lumbers is matched accidentally with Tuyen, all of her dedications are described shortly by three words “ Phuong Nam Lumbers”

Always in mind “Mind shine – universal belief”, Phuong Nam Lumber Trading Import Limited Company gradually asserted that the company is one of the leading enterprises in the lumber industry imports raw lumber materials from America and Europe.

The sloggan for our customers is” Once choosing Phuong Nam, you will be served better!

Customers in our company are  from North to South of VietNam. They are big and small companies; investors, contractors and lumber dealers, ect. with various lumbers such as Walnut, Oak, Ash,ect.

“Lumber is hard but the seller is not hard at all”, said in favor of Tuyen’s partners in the lumber industry dedicated to her. Beside doing business, the company often organizes volunteer works to the society, such as building concrete bridge in promote areas, giving presents to children in ethnic minorities, giving scholarships to poor children having good result in studying, giving gifts to the old being lonely and homeless.

Phuong Nam Lumber Trading Import Limited Company: For a properous Lumber Industry! Properous for producers, staff,suppliers

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